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Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone who feels they have been seriously injured, wronged, defrauded or taken advantage of by another person or company. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case. We will review the facts to see if it is one we can accept.

How we select our cases.

While our firm has a reputation for accepting challenging and imperfect cases, we also decline matters if our investigation reveals that a potential defendant did not violate established law or rules or did not cause significant harm to our client. In short, we only file legitimate cases. Before we accept a case, we:

  • Thoroughly review the facts as well as the law to ensure the case is justified;
  • Hire industry experts to review the facts and confirm whether the situation merits legal action.

Once we take a case, our goal is to obtain the best outcome for our client. Often, a mutually acceptable agreement can be reached between our client and the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company, and we are able to settle the case out of court. However, if a defendant or the defendant’s insurance company refuses to do the right thing, we’ll take the matter to trial and present the facts to a jury.

We believe in our jury system. For over 50 years we have seen it work to ensure that those who have been injured, either physically, emotionally, or financially, receive fair compensation from those who are legally responsible.

They are one of the best plaintiff law firms in America, quite an honorable and effective group.

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