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Why Cunningham Bounds?

Think bigger.

While the facts are what win a case, presentation often determines their effectiveness. The lawyers of Cunningham Bounds are smart, aggressive, and determined advocates who highlight important details of your complex legal case in ways to which every juror can relate.

We take the time and invest the necessary resources to build a compelling case, whether that requires travelling to remote destinations to take a deposition, meticulously researching the subject matter at issue, or bringing in the best professionals to supplement the facts with their expertise.

Unlike most plaintiff law firms, Cunningham Bounds has its own appellate practice, which means we can stay involved in your case throughout the appeals process.

At Cunningham Bounds, we not only help victims get compensation, we get the problem fixed.

They prepare their cases extremely well…forcing opposing attorneys to try to do the same.

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Smart, leaves no stone unturned, understands medicine better than most MD’s.

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