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Injuries to Children

Exposure to poisonous gases, particulate matter, or heavy metals emitted by manufacturers can cause serious harm to children. While many of these chemicals are more than capable of destroying the health of a full grown adult, children are particularly susceptible to these toxic substances and the health conditions they cause. Children have a greater lung volume than adults compared to their body size, and more mucus membranes that are capable of absorbing the poison and toxins at much greater rates. These pollutants and toxic substances can cause infections, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, and general overall reduced lung and brain functioning. 

Additionally, many of the exposure guidelines available for adults, which help define what is healthy and what is unhealthy in a population, do not apply to children. Most investigations into the damage done by these toxins are conducted on adult test subjects, not children. For this reason, not only is the data for what causes harm to a child limited, we know from experience and medical science that children are affected much more significantly than adults at much lower concentrations of a toxic substance. These cases are further complicated by the lack of environmental standards for children. 

Cunningham Bounds has taken on industries such as the pulp and paper industry, the lead industry, and the waste water treatment industry for injuring children in neighborhoods and areas surrounding industrial processing plants. If you think your child has suffered an injury, whether it be respiratory, neurological, or related to some other organ system, and you believe that injury to be related to environmental contamination, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the protection and the compensation that your child deserves. 


Litigation Success

Settlement Negotiated for Property Owners Against Weyerhauser for Industrial Air Pollution

Atwood v. Weyerhauser, USA, Inc., et al. | Circuit Court of Wilcox County, Alabama | Civil Action No. CV-2009-900024.80

In 2014, Cunningham Bounds settled a case involving widespread and devastating pollution affecting the Yellow Bluff community in Wilcox County, Ala...


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