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Chemical Spills

Chemical spills are an unfortunate and all-too-frequent occurrence in the United States. They can occur anywhere, including the workplace, and are often the result of the unsafe handling or storage of chemicals, ruptures in storage tanks, or the failure to dispose of chemicals in a safe and timely manner.

Chemical spills can be highly dangerous. Not only do they carry the potential to affect the environment, but they also produce toxins that can be extremely harmful to humans. Cancer, neurological disorders, organ failure, respiratory illnesses, and blindness are just some of the health issues that can result from chemical spills.

The attorneys of Cunningham Bounds are experienced helping people who have been adversely affected by a chemical spill, as exemplified by our team’s leadership role in helping citizens and businesses that were impacted by the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Contact a lawyer at Cunningham Bounds about your situation and options.


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