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Misconduct by Co-Workers

When a worker’s action violates workplace policy, procedures, rules or sometimes, simple common sense, their actions can create a hazardous work environment for their co-workers.  

Particularly if an employee removes a known safety device, or is otherwise grossly negligent, you may have a claim that is not covered otherwise barred by the exclusivity provision of the worker’s compensation laws.  

This is a very complex area of the law, so if you have been injured by the gross negligence of a co-worker, let us evaluate whether you have a claim outside of or in addition to worker’s compensation.


Oct 01, 2013 | Article

Anatomy of an Alabama Co-employee Willful Misconduct Case for Removal or Failure to Install, Repair, or Maintain a Safety Guard or Device

With this article we examine the anatomy of an action against co-employees for cases in which a safety guard or other similar device is removed from equipment resulting in harm.


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