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Defective Firearms

Gun accidents hurt or kill thousands of people every year.  However, just because a firearm goes off does not mean a trigger was pulled. When the gun does not work in the way it was intended or expected to operate, those within its firing range can be seriously injured. Hunters, marksmen, customers at firing ranges, and innocent bystanders can all be wounded or killed.

Guns may be considered defective when the weapon misfires, improperly recoils, explodes or causes injury.  Legal actions stem from defects such as firearm safety failure, overly-sensitive triggers (hair-trigger), design flaws (guns that need the safety switch off in order to load or unload), barrel or chamber failures and explosions, defective chamber indicators, and faulty firearm accessories.

Common gun safety features that can prevent injuries include chamber indicators that specify whether a firearm is loaded and injuries caused due to a faulty reading may be the fault of the manufacturer. Any modifications done by a re-seller may void the manufacturer’s warranty, but in certain situations leave the manufacturer liable if the modification, such as certain types of trigger modifications, magazine modifications, or sight modifications, cause injury.

Cases involving a defective firearm or handgun are more complex than an ordinary products case, and gun manufacturers are swift to blame the gun handler, who may not be able to explain what happened. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed by a suspected gun defect, contact a lawyer at Cunningham Bounds. We work with firearm engineers, gun specialists, and law enforcement to ascertain known defects and consequences so that gun manufacturers are held responsible.


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