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Apr 28, 2014

Jury Finds Etowah Chemical Negligent in Pressure Washer Accident

Featuring: David S. Cain Jr. and Robert L. Mitchell

Mobile, Ala. – On April 25, 2014, a Mobile County, Alabama, jury found H.P.W. Specialties, Inc. doing business as Etowah Chemical Sales and Services, Inc., responsible for ankle and lower leg burns suffered by Richard Williams, a Mobile Transit mechanic. The jury awarded Williams $779,477 to compensate him for his injuries, which included a $24,019 medical lien.

On December 6, 2011, Williams was at work operating an industrial hot water pressure washer owned and maintained by Etowah Chemical, when the hose on the machine burst spewing steam and hot water. Williams suffered burns to his ankle which required a skin grafting surgical procedure. He has since returned to full-time work at Mobile Transit, where he accomplishes the same duties as before the accident despite continuing problems with his ankle.

Williams alleged that his injuries were a result of Etowah Chemical’s failure to specify the proper hose, failure to inspect the hose and failure to provide routine preventative maintenance of the hose, despite assurances to Williams’ employer, that it would do so. Etowah Chemical also failed to train Mobile Transit workers on using the equipment.

During trial, Etowah Chemical employees admitted that they had no guidance from the Company with respect to inspection and preventative maintenance procedures and the promise of such to Williams’ employer, the Wave, was “a sales tool.”

David S. Cain, Jr. and his partner, Robert L. Mitchell, of Cunningham Bounds, LLC, served as counsel for Mr. Williams.

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