Employer Negligence: Service Employee $2,000,000 Verdict: Gunshot Wound To Chest

A 34-year-old male suffered a gunshot wound to the chest when he was shot while under the security of the defendant security company. The plaintiff contended that the defendant failed to provide necessary security. The defendant denied negligence. This case also involved another plaintiff who was awarded $2,400,000.

Johnson v. Kirkland Investigation & Security Inc of Saraland (Circuit CV 97 3091)

State/County: AL/Mobile. Plaintiff Attorney: Joseph Brown, Jr, Cunningham Bounds et al, Mobile, AL. Defense Attorney: Morris Lloyd Roebuck, Kilborn Roebuck & Kilborn, Mobile, AL. Total Award: $2,000,000. Compensatory Damages: $2,000,000. Incident Date: July 1997. Filing Date: September 1997. Trial Date: August 1998. JV Number: 351552.

Lawyers Involved: