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You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed after suffering serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision. These wrecks can leave you with enormous (and growing) medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and life-altering amounts of pain and suffering. While you may be aware that you have legal rights in these scenarios, you may not be sure where to turn or what to do to hold responsible parties accountable and get your life back.

At Cunningham Bounds, we have dedicated ourselves to fighting for those injured by negligent drivers. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are seasoned litigators who understand how to protect your interests and deliver the compensation you need to cover your losses. Our firm has recovered billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts since 1958, earning us a reputation of excellence amongst our former clients and peers in the legal community. We are ready to put our experience, skills, and resources to work for you.

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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer after an Atlanta Car Accident

Attempting to obtain compensation for car accident injuries without the assistance of an experienced attorney can be daunting. You are likely not familiar with the best practices for preserving evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and building a strong claim. The sooner you seek legal representation, the sooner we can start setting your claim up for success. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on your recovery.

When you choose our Atlanta car accident attorneys to represent you, we will:

  • Investigate what happened to ascertain liability
  • Gather evidence and build a compelling claim
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies in pursuit of a fair settlement
  • File a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties, if necessary
  • Fight for you in and out of the courtroom

Car Accident Claims We Handle in Atlanta

Car accidents are seldom simple, even if what caused the collision seems cut and dry. A variety of factors can play into causing an accident and determining fault, which is why you need legal professionals to investigate your unique circumstances. We are not afraid of complex cases, including those involving multiple liable parties, auto defects, or shared fault.

Our team at Cunningham Bounds is prepared to represent you in cases involving:

Common Car Accident Injuries

High-speed, head-on collisions are known to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries, but even low-speed collisions can lead to life-altering consequences. You should always see your doctor as soon as possible after any level of crash, even if you feel fine or do not notice any obvious injuries. Some injuries take time to become obvious, and the sooner you receive treatment, the better. A prompt medical evaluation will also help document the link between your injuries and the wreck.

Victims of car accidents may sustain many types of injuries, including:

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