Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

    "They are one of the best plaintiff law firms in America."

    They are quite an honorable and effective group.

    - U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions during Senate hearing
    "These guys are just that good."

    There are not many plaintiff’s firms that impress the way these guys do.

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "A premier plaintiff firm in the state."

    It’s a hard firm to beat; they’re very successful and they work their tails off.

    - As compiled and reported by Chambers and Partners
    "I give them the highest praise."

    They are either right at being the best plaintiff lawyers in the nation or certainly equal to it.

    - Defense Trial Lawyer Norman Waldrop, quoted in the Mobile Register newspaper
    "The firm’s personal injury practice maintains a stellar reputation!"

    The firm offers a team of in-house accident investigators that aid attorneys.

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "It’s a small, elite shop of some of the best lawyers in the business."

    All of them could be considered ‘stars.'

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "Thanks to ALL of you!"

    Your firm has been so generous to us. We are truly grateful!

    - Former Client
    "They stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond!"

    Thank you Cunningham Bounds LLC.

    - Fred
    "Outstanding law firm with such caring & highly qualified attorneys!"

    They have done an outstanding job for me and would not use any other attorney!

    - Nancy
    "A wonderful man and a fine firm."

    Without the professionalism, talent, and pure kindness of Mr.John Crowder, I'm not sure how my life would have turned out.

    - Clay
    "Best group in town!"

    Toby Brown was my lawyer and he’s great!

    - Jamie
    "The best law firm in America!"

    They have the best investigators for their cases. If it’s an airplane crash, car wreck, or a hospital case, they can handle it.

    - Hugh
    "Very thankful to have been in such good hands."

    Robert Mitchell and the staff of Cunningham Bounds made us feel safe, informed but most of all confident with each step of the process.

    - Thomas
    "Ms. Tufts demonstrated considerable skill & legal knowledge in dealing with facts as they occurred."

    I can only describe Ms.Tufts's services in superlatives and recommend her legal services without hesitation.

    - Samuel
    "This firm went above what was asked of them."

    Robert Mitchell handled our case with care and professionalism from start to finish.

    - Kristie
    "We appreciate the time you took to have the file reviewed and for your helpful comments and advice."

    Mr. Breedlove, we wanted to thank you for meeting with us on April 19 th concerning our mother [name withheld] and the ...

    - Cindy
    "I highly recommend Cunningham Bounds for your needs!"

    They did everything possible for me and my family while I was going through my case.

    - D.P.
    "Expert group of plaintiff attorneys with a long history of major trial victories."

    Known for its frequent handling of nationwide class actions against significant national and international corporations. ...

    - Anonymous
    "He was AWESOME."

    We used Robert T. Cunningham, Jr.

    - Janice
    "Amazing group!"

    So thankful for this group and especially Mr. Robert Mitchell.

    - Michele
    "Thank you doesn't seem adequate enough."

    Brian Duncan and Greg Breedlove have a special place in my heart.

    - Valerie
    "I will forever be grateful for their representation."

    I needed the best lawyers...I knew Cunningham Bounds was who I needed for a successful result.

    - Debby
    "Thank you Cunningham Bounds"

    They are highly professional and insightful legal minds with a strong feeling for the Mobile, AL area

    - Phil
    "Their integrity is above all the rest by far."

    I have and will always highly recommend them to anyone that may need their services.

    - Tim
    "The best of the best."

    Toby Brown was the best attorney and now friend and the office was best also.

    - Shirley
    "Mr. Bonner was extremely well prepared for our day in court and handled our case as if it were the most important case he had."

    I would highly recommend Mr. Bonner for your legal needs.

    - Anonymous
    "These guys worked extremely hard on my case."

    I'm very much appreciative and would recommend Cunningham Bounds and Mr. Robert Mitchell to anyone.

    - Nicholas
    "Very professional, knowledgeable & thorough."

    We have complete confidence in Mr. Mitchell's abilities and feel he exemplifies character, integrity, and honesty.

    - Julie
    "My experience could not have been better."

    Lucy Tufts truly cares about her clients and her commitment to them is unparalleled. She was in constant contact with me and always returned my calls promptly.

    - Anonymous
    "We are fortunate you and your colleagues accepted us as your clients."

    We believe if not for you the outcome would not have been as successful.

    - The Joneses Family
    "You answered all of our questions and helped bring a sense of peace and closure."

    The settlement was larger than I ever expected it could be and I am most grateful for your efforts.

    - Betty
    "I am thoroughly appreciative of how things turned out."

    Thank you so very much for your tremendous service.

    - Martha
    "Best decision I have ever made!"

    I am 100% satisfied with the settlement and would highly recommend Mr. Breedlove to others.

    - Jessica
    "We could never have made it through this process without your professional leadership and guidance."

    Had it not been for your experience and expertise along the way I am sure we would not have ended up with the results we did

    - Watkin's
    "You were “stability” throughout it all."

    Thank you again for what you do, and who you are. I’m sure you’re an inspiration to many people, but you are definitely on our list.

    - A Client’s Mother
    "Thank you to your firm for their expertise, integrity, sensitivity, dedication, compassion, and first-class assistance."

    Greg Breedlove and Robert Mitchell were always easy to talk with and were more like big brothers instructing us each step of the way, and ALWAYS following up with correspondence.

    - The Mitchell Family
    "You guys will always be considered family as far as any of us are concerned."

    Thank you so very much for all you have done for us during the duration of this case.

    - Michael
    "I can’t thank you enough for your help with my case."

    I will always have respect and the highest regard for you and Cunningham Bounds.

    - Cody
    "I am forever thankful."

    Greg Breedlove and Jim Yance, along with all of the others involved in my case have helped to make all of these things possible.

    - Neil
    "I knew with 100% certainty that y’all would get the job done!"

    I knew when I signed your work contract I could finally relinquish responsibility and exhale.

    - Ann
    "Lucy was always well prepared and went the extra mile to check details and possibilities."

    She is warm, friendly, smart, and professional.

    - Sandee
    "I am very pleased with the way things turned out."

    I very much appreciate your help and perseverance. Please convey my appreciation to all of your staff who helped with this ma ...

    - Bill
    "We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for all your hard work."

    I appreciate so much the tender care you gave me at such a “hard” time in my life. Saying “thank you” doesn’t seem quite adequate.

    - Valerie
    "Your sincere caring has touched my heart."

    We are so so glad that we have you to support us and to fight for us. You are awesome.

    - Linda
    "Cunningham Bounds is universally hailed by peers and clients..."

    Cunningham Bounds is a plaintiffs firm full of lawyers with highly sophisticated litigation skills.

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "Not only are the Cunningham Bounds people some of the best plaintiff attorneys I’ve ever witnessed, but they’re also just some of the best trial lawyers in general."

    You can’t fake your way through some of the cases these guys take on. They have absolute sincerity and passion for them.

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "The firm has won a series of jaw-dropping financial recoveries!"

    Peers note that all of them at Cunningham Bounds are litigation stars.

    - Benchmark Litigation: The Definitive Guide to Americas Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys
    "An absolute pleasure to work with."

    An accomplished plaintiff-side litigator, George Finkbohner is said to "work very hard." He receives emphatic praise for his handling of environmental law and personal injury disputes.

    - As compiled and reported by Chambers and Partners
    "His success is unmatched."

    Skip is at the top - the very top - of trial lawyers in this region, period. He has exceptional skills, drive, ethics and judgment.

    - Private Practice Attorney - As compiled and reported by Martindale Hubbell and other news agencies
    "Formidable in Court"

    Generally considered one of the top Plaintiff's attorneys in the State. Well prepared and uniformly respected.

    - Private Practice Attorney - As compiled and reported by Martindale Hubbell and other news agencies
    "One of the most accomplished lawyers I have met."

    Skip is one of the most accomplished lawyers I have met in 36 years of practice.

    - Private Practice Attorney - As compiled and reported by Martindale Hubbell and other news agencies
    "Cream of the crop."

    Skip is simply the cream of the crop.

    - Judge - As compiled and reported by Martindale Hubbell and other news agencies
    "Demonstrates a quality not seen much anymore in lawyers."

    He cares deeply about his clients. He is one of the most capable lawyers in the circuit if not the State of Alabama.

    - Judge - As compiled and reported by Martindale Hubbell and other news agencies
    "To be the best, you just have to work a little harder."

    I worked at Cunningham Bounds for over 16 years as a legal assistant to several attorneys, most recently Lucy Tufts and Billy ...

    - Sherry
    "Consummate Professionals!"

    Our attorney Robert Mitchell is sharp as a tack, tough when needed, but always compassionate and caring...his staff ...

    - Frank and Marianne
    "Cunningham Bounds exceeded their reputation for expertise and capability, and I greatly appreciate the results of my case."

    I was very impressed and satisfied with the handling and result of my case. Aaron Maples was extremely capable and especially ...

    - John
    "Wirtes is a genius and fights for the rights of the powerless!"

    All the powers of the State are against the little guy and Wirtes still wins.

    - Stewart
    "We’re already singing your praises."

    Your action speaks highly of your character and eagerness to sincerely help people, in particular, senior citizens, like us.

    - Kathryn
    "Their expertise is unparalleled."

    They put clients first and create relationships that are critical to success.

    - As compiled and reported by Chambers and Partners
    "No other firm can match their courtroom skills."

    They are the best, period. They have more talent and more trials than any plaintiff’s firm in this region.

    - As compiled and reported by Chambers and Partners
    "Friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative"

    Cunningham Bounds recently handled a family member for us. Aaron Maples and Brian Duncan were friendly, knowledgeable, and ...

    - Carrie