The Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association (FVRMA) has recommended Cunningham Bounds to its members. FVRMA is an association of companies and professionals who rent and manage resort, vacation and other short-term rentals. The association is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. To view FVRMA’s recommendation, go to http://fvrma.org/deepwaterHorizon.asp.

Yesterday, the news reported that BP will send checks to fishermen for losses but that condo owners and vacation rental owners will have to wait.

Cunningham Bounds has filed eight class action complaints on behalf of various groups that have been damaged as a result of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon and the oil spill currently in the Gulf of Mexico. Two of these complaints are on behalf of all real estate owners, rental managers and rental agents who derive income and profits for the rental of properties situated on coastal environments in the State of Florida and the State of Alabama, and who have sustained any loss and/or damages as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf. The named plaintiff in the Florida suit is Ocean Reef Realty, Inc. and the named plaintiffs in the Alabama suit are Fort Morgan Sales, Rentals & Development, Inc.; Prickett Properties, LLC; and Margaritaville, LLC.

Cunningham Bounds has been successful in courtroom battles against many of the world’s largest oil companies. The litigation and trial experience the firm has against big oil companies should be most helpful to the firm’s clients in the battle to come.

The law firm of Cunningham Bounds, founded in 1958, is based in Mobile, Alabama and has been representing plaintiffs for over 50 years. The firm has substantial expertise and years of experience in complex litigation. For more information, visit www.cunninghambounds.com.