New Orleans Court set April 20 deadline for filing claims.

MOBILE, Alabama - People and businesses who have claims against the companies responsible for the Gulf oil spill have until April 20 to file with the Multi-District Litigation in New Orleans. Local attorneys who have cases pending with the MDL say the deadline is important for anyone who may have current or future claims against BP, Transocean and other companies deemed responsible for the spill.

Steve Nicholas with Cunningham Bounds in Mobile says even those who have received some money through the claims process should file the form so their claim can be brought under the MDL in the future--even if they do not intend to file a lawsuit right now. "You never know what might happen in the future," says Nicholas.

It is a straightforward matter to file with the MDL. The form is a simple three page document that will ask for your name, address and contact information, plus the nature of your claim.

It is available for download from the New Orleans MDL website here: