Top OSHA Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal agency responsible for protecting workers and ensuring workers have safe working conditions. OSHA sets safety standards and provides training and education to employers and workers on how to protect themselves on the job. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the most cited violations relating to OSHA regulations.

Fall Protection Violations

Falls from heights are one of the leading causes of death in the workplace, so it's no surprise that fall protection violations make up a substantial portion of OSHA's citations. The most common violations involve employers failing to provide proper fall protection equipment such as guardrails, toe-boards and safety harnesses, lines and ties. Violations may also involve an employer’s failure to properly train and educate employees on the use of fall protection equipment.

Falls can be easily prevented if proper safety protocols are followed. In order to protect workers, employers must ensure they meet all of OSHA's requirements regarding fall protection.

Respiratory Protection Violations

OSHA’s second most common violations are related to respiratory protection. This includes employers not providing respirators that are appropriate for their work environment or failing to properly train their employees on how to use respirators correctly.

Respiratory protection is critical when working in environments with hazardous materials or poor air quality. Without protection, workers may suffer serious health consequences over time due to inhaling toxins that can damage their lungs. Employers must take necessary steps to ensure their employees have access to appropriate respirators and know how to use them correctly.

Eye & Face Protection Violations

Employers are also often cited for OSHA violations relating to face and eye protection. An employer’s failure to provide protective eyewear or require employees to wear goggles during hazardous tasks (such as sanding or grinding metal objects) can lead to serious injuries.

Eye and face protection is essential when working with chemicals or materials that may cause injury if particles fly into a worker’s eyes. Without personal protective equipment (PPE), workers could suffer irreparable harm that could affect their long-term vision, health and quality of life.

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