According to the National Highway Transportation & Safety Administration, in the United States in 2013 there were 3,964 people killed and an estimated 95,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks. (See, NHTSA gov ). In addition to taking obvious precautions to avoid accidents altogether (such as wearing seat belts and driving safely), drivers should be prepared to protect themselves in the event they are involved in a crash with a commercial truck or an 18-wheeler.

Crashes with commercial trucks often involve catastrophic personal injury largely due to the size and weight of these trucks. Because the stakes are so high, trucking corporations have lawyers and insurance companies standing ready to defend their interests following a crash. Trucking corporations will have their team on the scene within minutes of an accident starting to build a defense, no matter how clear-cut their fault is. An injured driver needs an experienced law firm that will thoroughly and properly document their side of the story.

At Cunningham Bounds, we have a team of full-time investigators who will:

  • inspect the scene and the vehicles
  • take photographs, take videos, and collect physical evidence
  • interview everyone who witnessed the crash
  • conduct background research on all drivers and corporations

Our law firm will also take steps to preserve and download electronic data from the vehicles. Most vehicles today have a “black box” that stores important data when a crash occurs. However, this data can be lost if it is not preserved and downloaded almost immediately. We will also obtain the necessary experts to analyze and reconstruct the crash.

Preparation for a jury trial is just as important as the underlying investigation. Choosing a law firm with a reputation for vigilantly representing clients in court can greatly affect the outcome and value of your claim. When involved in a crash with a commercial truck or an 18-wheeler, motorists should protect themselves and their families by calling a law firm who is experienced and prepared to handle their case all the way to trial. It is critical to know your law firm - especially your law firm’s abilities and experience in jury trials.

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