The Long-Term Impact of Paralysis


Man in wheelchair  Paralysis is one of those injuries that is considered most catastrophic for a number of reasons, but mainly due to the long-term effects it has on the victim. Understanding what these effects are and how paralysis can impact someone is important to seeking legal action when negligence caused the injury.

Negligence comes in many forms and when it leaves someone with significant inabilities, these matters should be taken seriously. For victims of paralysis caused by someone else’s reckless actions, these are some of the long-term impacts of which you should be aware:

The Change In Lifestyle

It’s very unfortunate, but suffering from paralysis often means the party who sustains the injury has to make significant changes in their way of life. This is because paralysis often impacts the victim’s mobility, taking away their ability to use their legs or arms, or all four limbs.

As a result, the victim may need to make changes to their home and vehicle to help make this situation in life slightly more comfortable for them. For instance, if they live in a home with stairs, they may need to modify it in order to still get up and down the stairs.

The Need for Medical Care

Someone with paralysis may require multiple different procedures, long-term care, rehabilitation, and more. Because of the serious nature of paralysis, there may be mental damages as well, meaning therapy may be needed to help overcome this serious situation.

The Costs

Paralysis comes with millions and millions of dollars in costs. This is unfortunate because the victim is already enduring the physical and emotional hardships as a result of an injury—now they’re dealing with the financial difficulties of spinal cord damage as well.

At Cunningham Bounds, we believe that anyone who has sustained significant injury such as paralysis, should not have to face it alone. When negligence is the cause of the paralysis, you deserve the right to seek justice—and to seek compensation.

Our Alabama paralysis lawyers work hard to help you seek the outcome you desire from start to finish. We’re here in your corner, focused on your best interests, and working to guide you through the entire process with confidence.

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