What Medications Do Truckers Use to Fight Sleep?

Semi truck on a highway

The supply chain has been in the news for the past year, and with good reason. As the world becomes increasingly aware of the long and arduous work schedules that many truckers face, it has become evident that the work hours can take an extreme toll on the body. Usually, healthy adults should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day, but that is precious time for truckers that sometimes cannot be afforded. While willpower and coffee can take you far, they can only do so much. Here are just some of the medications that truckers use on the road to stay awake.


The reality is that stimulants are the only option to force someone to stay awake for long hours; the question that remains is how do truckers obtain these stimulants? There are legal methods in obtaining prescriptions for stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall, Modafinil, and generic variants if the trucker is found to have an underlying condition that stimulants can treat. For example, individuals that have ADHD can qualify for a stimulant prescription to help manage their symptoms. Of course, not every medical professional will outright give medication for simply wanting to stay awake, but if the trucker has underlying conditions that require the use of stimulants for treatment, they legally can have their stimulants on hand and could theoretically use them to stay awake.

Illegal Drugs

While getting a prescription is safer, it can take longer, and sometimes medical professionals can not prescribe if they feel there is no medical need for stimulants. There are cases in which truckers have obtained Adderall from illegal black market vendors, cocaine, or drugs like methamphetamine. The legal implications and penalties for being found in possession of such drugs can be pretty severe. On top of the legal implications, there are also the dangers of illegal substances being laced with more potent drugs that can be potentially fatal when consumed.

Aside from the dangers of excessive drug use and the risk of legal penalties for being caught with illegal substances, there are also the dangers of operating a truck under the influence. Whether illicit or legal, if truck drivers are not careful with the substances they consume, excessive consumption can lead to roadside accidents that can be fatal.

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