Cunningham Bounds Welcomes Chris Estes to the Firm


The attorneys of Cunningham Bounds are pleased to announce Christopher B. Estes has joined the firm.

Mr. Estes is a lifelong resident of Mobile, Alabama. He graduated from Spring Hill College and received his law degree from The University of Alabama School of Law. He began his legal career in 1998 defending insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, trucking companies, and large corporations. In 2014, he made a life-changing career decision to no longer represent insurance companies and large corporations but to, instead, focus all his time, resources, and energy on representing people and families who have been injured, harmed, or wronged. Mr. Estes has made it his mission in life to provide people and their families with the same level of representation and resources that large corporations use to deny and defend claims.

Mr. Estes joined Cunningham Bounds in the position of counsel to the firm. He is currently focusing his practice on personal injury and complex litigation and is leading the firm’s Roundup® litigation team. He is licensed to practice law in state and federal courts throughout Alabama and Mississippi, and regularly handles cases throughout the United States.

For more information about Mr. Estes, click here.

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