CAMPBELL V. WILLIAMS, 638 SO.2D 804 (ALA. 1994), CERT. DENIED, 513 U.S. 868, 115 S.CT. 188, 130 L.ED.2D 121 (1994).

Judgment was entered against doctor in medical malpractice case for damages from wrongful death of burn victim following jury trial by the Circuit Court, Etowah County, No. CV-89-124, Donald W. Stewart, J. Doctor appealed. The Supreme Court, Shores, J., held that: (1) non-apportionment of punitive damages among multiple defendants in wrongful death case was not unconstitutional; (2) failure to advise jury of pro tanto settlement between hospital and plaintiff did not entitle doctor to new trial; (3) allowing expert who had previously been contacted by defendant's attorneys to testify as plaintiffs expert on standard of care was not abuse of discretion; (4) mention of insurance during closing argument did not entitle doctor to new trial; and (5) doctor was not entitled to remittitur of $4 million punitive damages award. Affirmed.