Kraselsky v. Calderwood, [Ms. 1130902, Oct. 17, 2014] __ So. 3d __ (Ala. 2014). The Supreme Court affirms a summary judgment for the defendant for lack of proof that the alleged malpractice probably caused the death of plaintiff's decedent. After earlier injuries, 80-year-old Marcia Kraselsky suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and was resuscitated. She was thereafter readmitted to Huntsville Hospital with injuries from the resuscitation efforts D extensive pulmonary emboli in both lungs, excess fluid in the chest cavity, and multiple rib fractures. Although her records indicated allergy to Demerol, other evidence convinced Dr. Calderwood that she was not in fact allergic to it and, with her permission, he prescribed Demerol for pain relief. Several hours later, her vital signs deteriorated, she was moved to the Intensive Care Unit, she later went into cardiopulmonary arrest and was resuscitated, and she died three days later. The expert testimony indicated only that the administration of Demerol possibly contributed along with her other co-morbidities, not that it probably caused her breathing difficulty reflected in the vital signs or the later cardiopulmonary arrest.

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