According to the National Safety Council, motor vehicle related deaths during the first six months of 2015 totaled 18,630 – an increase of 14% as compared to 2014. Many of these deaths were directly caused by distracted driving, and there is a strong argument that the prevalence of distracted driving contributed to the year-over-year increase. In fact, research shows that distracted driving kills 9 people every single day.

Research also indicates that distracted driving caused by a smartphone is 26 times more dangerous than drinking and driving. Yet, sadly, texting and driving is all too common.

Thankfully, there are now readily-available technologies to help protect you, your family, and others on our roadways from personal injury or wrongful death caused by distracted driving and a resulting car crash. Below are some safe driving apps that are worth considering:

DRIVE BEEHIVE: Drive Beehive is the officially sponsored app of PADD (People Against Distracted Driving). This app connects drivers with sponsors (e.g., parents, friends, peers) who set rewards for every safe mile driven by the user.

DriveFirst by Sprint: DriveFirst is designed to help you focus on what is most important when operating a vehicle – operating the vehicle! When used, this app prevents texts, calls and other distracting media from coming through to the user’s phone. Instead of allowing the user to field the call or text, the app will automatically send a response indicating that the user is driving.

Canary: This app is designed for parents with teenage drivers. This app does not stop calls or texts, but it does send an alert notifying the parent whenever the teen has unlocked the phone to use it while driving.

AT&T DriveMode: DriveMode is an app that engages whenever the user’s vehicle reaches a certain speed. Once the app engages, all text message alerts and calls are silenced. In addition, a courtesy response will be sent indicating the user is driving.

There are various other apps that are similar to those referenced above. Take the time to research these safe driving apps to find one that will protect you and your loved ones from being victims of personal injury or wrongful death caused by a distracted driving-related car crash.

Cunningham Bounds, LLC is committed to helping the families of men and women who have suffered serious personal injury or wrongful death as a result of a distracted driver. Please contact us today if we may be of any service to you, your family or your loved ones.
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