Are There Multiple Parties Responsible for Product Liability?


warehouse worker pulling forklift with productsProduct liability is a complex area of law, but many people they have it figured out. They believe that if a product is dangerous, it is solely the fault of the manufacturer and they have the right to sue the company for the damages they have sustained.

But are there other parties who may be considered responsible in product liability matters?

In some circumstances, there can be other individuals and / or companies that may be liable and subject to legal action after a product liability accident. Here are some of the other parties you may want to look into when taking legal action:

Wholesaler or Supplier

Depending on the product involved, there could be a wholesaler or supplier who is also involved. They are technically the “middlemen” between manufacturer and retailer. It is part of their responsibility to ensure that, as part of the chain of distribution, the products they are dealing with are safe for consumers.

If the wholesaler or supplier recognizes the defect and still allows the product to reach the retailers, they can be considered a defendant as part of a product liability lawsuit. The plaintiff can sue because the wholesaler knew of the danger, yet negligently did nothing to prevent it from reaching the market.


As the last line of the distribution chain that can protect consumers, retailers must ensure that the products they sell are completely safe for the consumer. The oversight of safety could lead to significant harm and the retailer can be considered responsible.

Even if the retailer is not the same as the manufacturer and you were not the person who originally bought the item, you may be able to take action against the retail store where the defective item was initially purchased.

At Cunningham Bounds, we know the various factors involved in product liability cases and who may be considered liable when a defective item causes harm. We work hard to help our clients recognize their rights after suffering an injury.

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