What Are the “Fatal Four” Construction Site Hazards?


cranes on a construction site during sunsetA construction site is one of the most dangerous job sites for workers. While there are innumerable hazards on such a site, there are certain hazards that play a major role in most construction site accidents. Learn the “fatal four” construction site hazards and what you can do to protect your rights after a construction site accident.

#1. Falls

Most construction sites involve multiple stories, which means that workers will spend much of their time suspended high above the ground. Sadly, this results in many accidents and fatalities when workers were not provided with the right safety equipment to either prevent or mitigate falls.

Employers can work to prevent construction site falls by:

  • Providing safety harnesses to workers and mandating their usage
  • Installing and maintaining proper perimeter protection
  • Covering and securing floor openings

#2. Struck-By

Struck-by accidents involve a worker getting hit by moving objects, such as job site vehicles, equipment, loads, and more.

Employers can work to prevent struck-by accidents by:

  • Providing workers with brightly-colored or reflective clothing or vests
  • Designating certain “safe zones” where vehicles cannot travel

#3. Caught In/Between

Caught in/between accidents involve a worker getting trapped in between or under equipment or hazardous areas, such as ditches in the ground.

Employers can work to prevent caught in/between accidents by:

  • Marking hazards with signage in a language every worker can understand
  • Providing proper training on heavy machinery
  • Installing coverings over dangerous areas

#4. Electrocution

Construction sites have plenty of exposed wiring that create serious electrocution hazards. Such hazards can cause catastrophic burn injuries or even death.

Employers can work to prevent electrocution accidents by:

  • Identifying exposed wiring or other utilities before beginning work
  • Grounding or double-insulating portable electric tools for workers’ use
  • Using ground-fault circuit interruptors for protection

If you have been injured in a work accident, there are several different courses of action you may take to recover compensation. Our personal injury attorneys at Cunningham Bounds can discuss your situation and decide the right approach to recover maximum possible compensation.

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