Jury Returns $577,301 Verdict Against Walmart


Margaret Tanner v. Walmart Stores East, LP, et al. (Circuit Court of Mobile County, Alabama, Case #CV-2021-900935)

Cunningham Bounds obtained a $557,301.00 jury verdict against Walmart.

While shopping at Walmart in Semmes, Alabama, Margaret Tanner was knocked to the floor by a Walmart employee pushing a stocking cart. As a result of the incident, she suffered severe permanent injuries, including a broken hip which required surgery during which extensive hardware was used to repair her hip. Following surgery, her recovery included weeks of inpatient physical rehabilitation.

According to attorney Jenna Jayjohn York, “Throughout the case, Walmart refused to take responsibility for Margaret’s injuries. After hearing all the evidence, the jury did the right thing. They held Walmart accountable.”

Attorneys Jenna Jayjohn York and Tyler Flowers tried the case and obtained the verdict from a Mobile County, Alabama jury.

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