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Of all the forms of medical malpractice, medication errors are some of the most common. According to one study, preventable medication and prescription errors account for up to 1 million emergency room visits and affect up to 7 million total patients every year.

When you’re given a prescription – whether by a pharmacist or a doctor – you have the right to expect that it will be the correct medication for your needs and that it will not harm you in unforeseen ways. 

At Cunningham Bounds, our Alabama medication error attorneys are passionate about holding negligent parties responsible for the injuries they have caused. Since 1958, we have obtained billions on behalf of our clients. 

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What Is Medication Error?

With between 7,000 and 9,000 patients dying each year because of preventable medication errors, it’s critical that patients understand how to recognize this type of medical malpractice. Medication error can occur whenever a healthcare provider (typically a doctor or pharmacist) fails to prevent the patient from sustaining serious injuries related to their medication.

Because some prescriptions do come with advertised side effects, suffering from one of these will not likely count as a medication error. However, if you experience a side effect outside of the listed labels and warnings – or a particularly adverse effect that your doctor or pharmacist should have foreseen and managed during the treatment process – you may be eligible for damages.

Some common medication errors include:

  • Incorrect labeling at the pharmacy
  • Prescribing a recalled or defective medication
  • Preventable patient allergic reactions
  • Mixed medication with another patient
  • Incorrect prescription for ailment
  • Interactions with existing medications
  • Opioid over-prescription
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) errors
  • Communication issues between the doctor and pharmacy
  • Delayed or denied prescription when necessary for a patient’s health

The Five “R's” of Medication Safety

In order to reduce the risk of medication errors, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, hospital staff, and all other healthcare professions are expected to follow the “five rights” of medication administration – also known as the “5 R’s” of medication safety. The five rights, or “R’s,” include:

  1. Right patient: Verifying that the medication is intended for the correct patient. This involves confirming the patient's identity through identification bracelets, verbal confirmation, or other means to prevent administration to the wrong individual.
  2. Right medication: Ensuring that the medication being administered matches the medication order precisely. Healthcare providers verify the medication name, strength, dosage form, and any specific instructions to avoid errors in medication selection.
  3. Right dose: Confirming that the dosage of the medication is appropriate for the patient based on factors such as age, weight, and medical condition. Careful calculations and measurements are conducted to prevent administering an incorrect dose.
  4. Right route: Administering the medication via the correct route as prescribed by the healthcare provider. Various routes, such as oral, intravenous, or topical, may be used, and each has specific considerations to ensure proper absorption and effectiveness.
  5. Right time: Administering the medication at the scheduled time specified in the medication order or prescription. Timely administration is essential to maintain therapeutic drug levels and optimize treatment outcomes.

In addition to these five rights, some healthcare organizations and professionals may also emphasize additional rights, such as the right documentation (documenting medication administration accurately) or the right to refuse (respecting the patient's right to decline medication administration).

If a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist fails to get all five of the “R’s” right, then it’s considered an error.

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The result of a pharmacy error can be devastating. From more minor consequences such as rashes or unpleasant symptoms to more severe problems such as coma, major organ damage, and death, medication errors aren’t just costly for our healthcare system: They exact a cost on human life.

At Cunningham Bounds, our Mobile medication error lawyers are here to represent you when you or someone you love has been negatively affected by prescription medication. With decades of experience in medical malpractice litigation, it is our goal to help you recover fair compensation – and start to heal.

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Record-Breaking Verdicts & Settlements

  • $35 Million Verdict for Death After Thumb Surgery
  • $20 Million Anesthesia Error Resulting in Death

    The attorneys of Cunningham Bounds achieved a $20 million jury verdict for the family of a woman who died after her anesthesia care team failed to follow the accepted standards of care in administering her anesthesia.

  • $15 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

    Cunningham Bounds' attorneys obtained a $15 million verdict against Springhill Memorial Hospital for the wrongful death of a 45-year-old married mother.

  • $14.5 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

    The attorneys of Cunningham Bounds obtained a $14.5 million verdict for the mother of a 17-year old child who died as a consequence of improper extubation and inadequate monitoring in post-anesthesia care unit.

  • $11 Million Settlement in Case of Misdiagnosis
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