Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Alabama


Nearly all United States workers are covered by federal and state workers’ compensation laws. Like most laws, however, each state has its own interpretation and application of workers’ compensation laws.

Read on to learn how to file a workers’ compensation claim in the state of Alabama.

Workers’ Compensation in Alabama

Alabama hears and decides upon workers’ compensation cases in a court of law rather than through administrative channels, like most other states. Additionally, due to the high number of work injuries and workers’ compensation cases per year, the Alabama state government strongly recommends ending these cases in a settlement in an effort not to overload the state courts.

Because of this, Alabama’s workers’ compensation laws provide opportunities for parties to settle the workers’ compensation claim without going to court.

Filing a Claim in Alabama

In order to file a workers’ compensation claim in Alabama, you will need to prove that you worked in a profession that is covered by state workers’ compensation laws in order to be eligible for compensation. In Alabama, all professions are covered by workers’ compensation laws except for the following: domestic employees, farm laborers, casual employees, employees of a business with less than five people, licensed real estate brokers, and product demonstrators.

Secondly, you will need to prove that you sustained an injury while on your job site, or while performing business duties off the job site.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim may help you recover funds from your employer to pay for any sudden or unexpected medical treatment and lost wages.

If you’re having a difficult time recovering the compensation you deserve from your employer, our Mobile attorneys are here to help. At Cunningham Bounds, we have spent decades helping injury victims recover the compensation they deserve, and we’re prepared to help you, too.

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