Common Causes of Industrial Accidents

Industrial worker walks along a path in an industrial facility

There are many potential dangers that workers face on a daily basis in industrial settings. In order to stay safe, it is important to be aware of some of the most common causes of industrial accidents.

In this blog post, we highlight four common causes of accidents that may lead to serious injuries or death: lack of PPE, failure to follow safety standards, lack of protection on elevated surfaces, and misuse of equipment. Recognizing and avoiding these hazards can help workers stay safe on the job!

  1. Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

PPE is essential in any industrial setting, as it helps protect workers from potential hazards such as chemicals, noise, and slips and falls. Common types of PPE include safety glasses, hard hats, earplugs, face shields, and steel-toe boots. It is important to ensure that all employees are provided with the necessary PPE to perform their job before beginning work.

  1. Unsafe Working Conditions:

Industrial settings can be very hazardous environments, which is why it is critically important that employers and workers carefully follow applicable safety standards. OSHA standards are rules and requirements that describe methods and procedures employers must use to protect their employees from injuries. These standards involve such things as making sure that floors are clean and free of clutter or debris; keeping areas well-lit; assuring machinery is properly maintained; and using protective guards on equipment and machinery when appropriate.

  1. Lack of Protection on Elevated Surfaces:

Working from heights can be especially dangerous and requires the use of proper safety equipment, such as guardrails, toe-boards, safety lines and harnesses, and other fall protection systems. It is critically important that employers ensure that all employees are properly trained and provided all protections possible when working from elevated surfaces.

  1. Misuse of Equipment:

Equipment used in industrial settings should only be used for its intended purpose and operated by personnel who have been properly educated and trained in its use and maintenance. Improperly using or maintaining equipment can lead to serious injury or death, if not done correctly.

By being aware of these common causes of industrial accidents, employers and employees can help prevent serious injuries or death. Wearing appropriate PPE, following applicable OSHA safety standards, ensuring proper protection is used when working from heights, and making certain all equipment is maintained and operated correctly can go a long way in preventing accidents and injuries.

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