Cunningham Bounds, LLC Achieved $3 Million Verdict for Truck Accident Injury Victim

The Cunningham Bounds, LLC legal team recovered $3 million in compensation for the victim of a truck accident and his family.

A trial that lasted nearly two weeks ended on November 20, 2019, when the Mobile County, Alabama jury decided on the significant verdict for the severely injured plaintiff. The case centered on a 2017 truck accident caused by the negligent hiring practices of Langer Transport Corporation and the safety violations of their employee.

On the night of the accident, our client was experiencing mechanical issues. He proceeded to drive slowly with his hazard lights on in the center lane of Mobile County’s Interstate 65. A tanker rig owned by Langer Transport Corporation rear-ended our client, causing a fire and severe damage to his Ford F-250 pickup truck. Our client was thrown from his truck and sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of the impact of the crash.

The Langer Transport Corporation driver was facing three pending felony indictments on the date of the collision, exhibiting a case for distracted driving (and evidence of potentially negligent hiring on part of the trucking company). The trucker was also found to be in violation of a Langer Transport Corporation safety policy which orders all employees of the company to drive 5 mph under the speed limit. Each of these factors contributed to the driver’s failure to slow down or change lanes upon noticing the flashing hazard lights and reduced speed, resulting in the victim’s injuries.

The jury identified Langer Transport Corporation’s negligence in this case and awarded $3 million in compensation to the plaintiff. The injury victim and his family were represented by attorney Robert L. Mitchell and attorney William E. Bonner.

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