Cunningham Bounds Recognized as Leading Litigation Law Firm in Alabama

MOBILE, Ala. – Benchmark Litigation announced its 2018 directory of leading law firms and the personal injury firm of Cunningham Bounds, LLC was honored with a ranking of “Highly Recommended – Local Litigation Firms.” Cunningham Bounds was one of only 10 law firms in Alabama to receive Benchmark’s highest ranking.

In addition to Cunningham Bounds’ firm ranking, nine of its attorneys were recognized in this year’s guide. Eight were named “Local Litigation Stars:” Greg Breedlove, Joseph “Buddy” Brown, Toby Brown, David Cain, Jr., Robert Cunningham, George “Skip” Finkbohner, Steve Olen and Lucy Tufts. Robert Mitchell was also recognized as one of Benchmark’s “Future Stars.”

Firms and attorneys cannot pay to be recommended for the directory. As noted in the publication, “the results of Benchmark Litigation stem from the culmination of a six-month research period where researchers conduct extensive interviews with litigators and their clients to identify the leading litigators and firms. Firms making the statewide list are considered dominant in their areas, and were recommended as reputable and effective litigators by both clients and peers. Law firms in each local market were divided into ‘highly recommended’ and ‘recommended’ categories. All listed firms were consistently mentioned by peers and clients, but the ‘highly recommended’ firms received the most mentions, and were held as dominant in their particular jurisdiction.”

The list of “Local Litigation Stars” for each state reflects only those individuals who were recommended consistently as reputable and effective litigators by clients and peers. The list of “Future Stars” in each state reflects those partners who were consistently referenced by peers and clients as litigators who are likely to be become “Local Litigation Stars.”

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