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Motorcyclists and their passengers are uniquely exposed when driving on roads and highways. Even if they have taken every precaution and are using proper safety equipment, they are particularly vulnerable to catastrophic brain, spine, and broken bone injuries.

At Cunningham Bounds, we understand the risks that motorcyclists face every day and we work to take action against those whose negligence severely injured our clients. Since the founding of our firm in 1958, we have become known as a top personal injury firm in Alabama and have obtained billions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

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Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Crash?

If you were in a truly minor accident with little to no property damage and your medical check came back clean, you might not need a lawyer to advocate for you. However, if your injuries required inpatient treatment, you missed work, and/or you’re still seeing doctors, an attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement.

Insurers lose money each time they help an accident victim, so they’re likely to offer you less than you deserve. An experienced lawyer can spot an insurance adjuster’s evasions during the negotiation process and argue for compensation that meets your needs.

Getting Your Life Back After a Motorcycle Crash

Whether you were the one injured or the family of an injured or deceased motorcyclist, your life has probably been completely upended. Rehabilitation, surgery, lost wages, and burial expenses are just some of the significant costs associated with motorcycle accidents, not to mention the debilitating physical and emotional pain from your injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be eligible for compensation for the financial and emotional damages you have sustained. Our Alabama motorcycle injury team can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and hold the appropriate parties liable.

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What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

If someone caused a serious accident while you were on your bike, you could need extensive medical care. The at-fault party’s insurance should pay for all damages, but they may need a little pressure. Protect yourself by taking these steps to gather the evidence you could need down the line:

  • Call the police. They will file an accident report that you may be able to use later. Record the names and badge numbers of the responding officers in case you need to follow up with them.
  • Get the name(s) and contact information of any other driver(s) involved as well as their insurance details. Write down the make and model of the car(s) and their license plate number(s).
  • Make a record of the accident by taking pictures of all the damages, not just what happened to your bike. If weather or road conditions were a major factor, document them as well. Save a written or recorded voice note describing the accident as you experienced it and include as much detail as you can.
  • Talk to any witnesses on the scene and ask for their contact information. You may need their testimony to support your case.
  • Seek medical care, even if you don’t think you’re injured. Some aches and pains don’t show up right away.
  • Talk to your insurance company, but don’t speak to anyone from the at-fault party’s insurance. They may try sneaky tactics to pin the accident on you.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Cunningham Bounds can’t be there in the immediate aftermath of a bad accident, but we can protect your rights as you recover.

Should I Speak to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

They may reach out to you, but you’re under no obligation to have a conversation with the at-fault party’s insurance after an accident. If they’re calling you, you know the insurer has already talked to the driver who caused the accident. There’s only one reason for them to ask you what happened: Because they want to prove you were partially at fault.

In Alabama, if the other party can prove that your actions contributed to an accident, they don’t have to pay you anything. Insurers can and will use something as small as an “I’m sorry” to pin the blame on you. Don’t give them anything to work with if you can help it.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While riding a motorcycle, you have to be constantly vigilant and keep an eye out for potential hazards. In typical scenarios, you are much more visible while driving a car than while on a motorcycle. Knowing the signs to look for and what could lead to an accident can help you mitigate the risk while riding. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Opening car doors
  • Speeding
  • Riding under the influence
  • Lane splitting
  • Inclement weather
  • Sudden stops
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Motorcycle defects

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