Appellate Waiver

Alabama Department of Mental Health v. Nobles Group Homes, Inc., [Ms. 2200138, June 25, 2021] __ So. 3d __ (Ala. Civ. App. 2021). The court (Fridy, J.; Moore and Edwards, JJ., concur; Hanson, J., dissents, with writing, which Thompson, P.J., joins) invokes (Ms. *12-18) the holding of Soutullo v. Mobile Cnty., 58 So. 3d 733, 738-39 (Ala. 2010) (when a trial court provides multiple reasons supporting its judgment, an appellant seeking reversal of that judgment is required to challenge all of those reasons in its opening brief, failing which the judgment is due to be affirmed) in holding that the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s Appellant’s Brief challenging a judgment of the Montgomery Circuit Court entered upon review of the Department of Mental Health’s administrative determination revoking the authority of Nobles Group Homes, Inc.’s to provide residential intellectual-disability services in Alabama, was required to be affirmed when the appellant’s brief did not challenge all the grounds asserted as bases for the judgment by the circuit court.

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